Matt McGorry

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Matt McGorry is an actor, activist and feminist dedicated to racial justice and gender equity.


Piper Anderson

Social Impact Advisor and Trainer

Piper Anderson is a storyteller, coach, trainer, and Founder of Create Forward, a social impact firm delivering experiences that advance equity and justice.

Ella Print.jpg

Ella Turenne

Social Impact Advisor and Trainer

Ella Turenne is an award-winning artist as well as experienced educator, trainer, changemaker and entrepreneur whose work focuses on the power of using art as a tool for social change.


Z! Haukeness

Social Impact Advisor

Z! Haukeness is a long-time racial justice organizer working at the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and ability on various campaigns and projects with a home base at SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice).


Jackie Sanchez

Finance Manager

Jackie is an Accounting graduate from Queens College.


Jennifer CendaÑa Armas

Social Impact Advisor

Jennifer is a performer, writer, educator, and community worker. She has performed and taught globally and is dedicated to stories of diaspora as a bridge for social and cultural change.


JLove Calderón

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

JLove Calderón is an award-winning creative, activist, coach and trainer working on the frontlines of race, class and gender for two decades.


Rosa Clemente

Social Impact Advisor

Rosa Clemente is an independent journalist, scholar activist, founder of Puerto Rico on The Map and former Vice-Presidential candidate (2008, Green Party).

Misha Heij Mariano

Social Impact Advisor

Misha Mariano organizes with Showing Up for Racial Justice and a coalition of grassroots organizations building power for racial and economic justice. They are a coach for SURJ chapters in VT, MA, and PA and a co-facilitator for the SURJ national poor and working class caucus.


Candice Frank

Social Media Team

Candice Frank is a media enthusiast specializing in copy editing and social media management. Her passion lies in empowering women of color and ensuring that they are provided with the means to flourish in a society/system designed to make them do the opposite.

Edgar Villanueva Headshot.jpg

Edgar Villanueva

Social Impact Advisor

Edgar is a Native American author and activist who is passionate about racial and economic justice, particularly in communities of color, Indigenous communities, the US South and in communities impacted by HIV/AIDS.


Darnell L. Moore

Social Impact Advisor

Darnell L. Moore is a media maker and head of strategy and programs at Breakthrough U.S. and the author of No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black & Free in America.


Brea Baker

Director of Programs & Social Impact Advisor and Trainer

Brea Baker is a queer black millennial woman working at the intersections of race, gender identity, public safety, and community. She has been organizing and training for over six years, most recently with Justice League NYC and Women's March.


Avery Martens

Social Impact Advisor

Avery Martens is a radical genderqueer community organizer and strategist who builds power with people and communities most vulnerable to structural violence, working toward collective liberation for all people and the planet.

Taylor K Shaw Headshot.jpg

Taylor K. Shaw

Social Impact Advisor

Taylor K. Shaw is the youngest CEO in the animation industry and one of the brightest game changers in Hollywood. She is a visionary creator, writer, and activist tackling representation across the media landscape, one industry at a time.


Killian Sunnderman

Social Media Team

Killian Sunnderman is an Irishman in New York, radio producer, video editor, multimedia activist, keeping my eyes on the prize.


jeff ordower

Social Impact Advisor

Jeff has over 25 years experience in community and labor organizing, strategic campaigning and direct action.


richie reseda

Social Impact Advisor

Richie is a formerly incarcerated artist and organizer who wields hip hop culture, workshops, and policy advocacy to build a more loving and logical society.