We offer multiple products and services which compliment our goal to create more joyful and liberated individuals, communities, and world.

Training and Development 

We specialize in training and development for media networks and production companies both large and small. We create and facilitate trainings that foster thriving, inclusive cultures at workplaces, on production sets, and in the writers’ room. 

Ask us about our signature trainings, or we can curate a series of trainings for your organization or company based on the specific areas you wish to address.

Social Impact and Empowerment Coaching 

Our unique methodology combines personal growth, leadership development, holistic wellness (body, mind and spirit), political education, social impact advising and more. 

In addition to having a primary coach, every client has the opportunity to work with our incredible team of multi-racial, intergenerational, multigender artivists.

Social Impact Script Consulting

  • Political advising and consulting in writing rooms and for all genres of scripts

  • Crafting, editing, and/or implementing social justice-related and culturally-relevant curriculums

Social Impact Messaging 

  • Social Impact Storytelling, messaging across all social media platforms

  • Conscious Content creation, producing, and directing socially conscious stories for campaigns, for personal and/or company branding